Yoga docenten opleiding

Con­di­tions & Require­ments

  • Basic knowl­edge of asana and yoga phi­los­o­phy are nec­es­sary to have an idea what to expect in this train­ing.
  • Reg­u­lar par­tic­i­pa­tion in the train­ing lessons and the desire to devel­op your­ self are assumed.
  • Every day you will have to set aside approx­i­mately 30–90 min­utes for your per­sonal prac­tice.
  • Dur­ing the sec­ond year we ask you to abstain from using drugs, alco­hol, tobac­co, meat and fish (because of advanced pranaya­ma prac­tice).
  • The train­ing will be giv­en entire­ly in Eng­lish and the lit­er­a­ture is most­ly Eng­lish too. It is there­fore nec­es­sary that you are famil­iar with the Eng­lish lan­guage.
  • Pre­req­ui­site for admis­sion to the exam is a pres­ence of at least 78 (of 87) of the week­ly class­es and full atten­dance of the 6 inten­sive week­ends and the 2 inten­sive weeks.
  • Missed class­es and week­ends can be replaced by fol­low­ing suit­able workshops/seminars at Yoga Vidya Rot­ter­dam or at the Yoga Vidya sem­i­nar hous­es (Ger­many). This involves expens­es.
  • If the pro­gram has to be abort­ed for any rea­son, this is pos­si­ble but in that case a pay­ment of 25% of the remain­ing train­ing fee has to be made.

Please down­load our full terms and con­di­tions. The doc­u­ment also con­tains infor­ma­tion on costs and pay­ments as well as our Pri­va­cy pol­i­cy:

Terms — Costs — Pri­va­cy — TTC 2019–2020

Com­plaints reg­u­la­tion

Dis­sat­is­fac­tion can always occur and should first be dis­cussed with those direct­ly involved. If there is a com­plaint, we would like to come out stronger togeth­er. Find the entire pro­ce­dure in our com­plaints reg­u­la­tion:

Com­plaints reg­u­la­tion -ENGL